Iranian gay refugee risks deportation from the United Kingdom. Urgent appeal to Europe

Petition for Mehdi Kazemi: Europe Must Stop Deportation of Iranian Queers

He lived a marginalized and terrorized life as an Iranian homosexual in Iran; the burden of such a life became so strenuous that he finally left Iran for the UK with a student visa. Mehdi Kazemi is another Iranian gay refugee who left his home country with the hope of securing a more dignified life for himself in the West; and yet he is another young refugee who sees his hopes for safety and human dignity fading in the face of European governments’ lack of respect for even the most basic human rights. The European governments claim to be the champions of human rights and democracy and condemn Iran frequently for its violation of human rights; and yet they willingly pave the road for the government of Iran to go ahead with its human rights abuses, and arrest and execute an identified Iranian gay. Today, they sentence Mehdi to torture and possible death by deporting him to Iran, and tomorrow they issue statements commending this violent and unlawful act of execution.

Time after time we have read the statements of European governments against the Islamic Republic of Iran: “The Republic does not respect human rights” and yet these European powers deport Medi to the very government they criticize for violating gay rights. It must be known that such acts of deportation equally violate human rights. The UK government deports Mehdi Kazemi to Iran despite the well-known fact that there is a serious risk of his prosecution, torture and execution.

European governments in general and the UK government in particular must immediately change these oppressive anti-refugee policies and must make a serious effort in protecting the rights of human beings.

Mehdi Kazemi should not be deported back to Iran.

Petition: Europe Must Stop Deportation of Iranian Queers

The petition

international support, as Madhis case has had too much international Attention,

In a nut shell he came to England on a student Visa to study, his boyfriend in Iran was caught out and executed, and under torture gave Madhis name.

Madhi made an application for asylum in England , but was refused.

He tried to go to Canada , but was caught by the German border police and has been in the Netherlands , who as you know give Iranian gays special group status.

Unfortunately, the UK is demanding him back under the Dublin Treaty, and he is due on the 26th

His fate from then is unknown, but will definitely be deported back to Iran , where undoubtedly face torture and execution.

I have done a petition to the home office and prime minister here and also trying to get Amnesty International involved, as well as putting pressure on the Dutch not to send him back ( Try… and on the left click the tab for “Contact Visas and Legalization” )by asking people to Please help out by sending a letter of protest or a plea concerning Mehdi Kazemi to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Division of Aliens, Visas the Movement of Persons, Migration and Alien Affairs Department (DPV/VV).

This is a plea to save an Iranian young man who is to be deported back to the UK from the Netherlands , under the Dublin treaty.
Mahdi has already been refused asylum in the UK and shall certainly face horrific torture and most likely execution if the British government is allowed to send him back to Iran .
A campaign must be started to prevent this from happening, especially as the young lad had already suffered and is now going on a hunger strike.
Your support, and advice is requested as if we in the west allow this fellow homosexual man to be executed, then we are no better than those who actually perpetrate the crime, for sexuality is as much a fundamental right as any other.
I implore you, to make your voice heard as it can and shall make a difference.
Please help and support this young man who has gone through hell and back and faces certain punishment if not worse if he is returned to Iran , due to the barbaric regime and his well publicised case.

I would appreciate any suggestions, and feel that a campaign is immediately mounted to draw attention to this matter and save the deportation.

Please do not let another fellow Homosexual human being suffer just for his sexuality that we take for granted in the West.
This case needs as much media and individual pressure as possible and your help and assistance is requested.

Further information on Madias case can be found on the Web and also under my name, if you need further background.

PLEASE, PLEASE do not let the British Government send another Iranian to his death.
Yours Sincerely

Omar Kuddus”

“ I had a call from Mehdi this morning 18/02/08 11.00 am UK time, He informed me that he is due to be deported to the UK on the 26th Feb 2008. from Schiphol ( Amsterdam Airport ) 8:00am local time to Heathrow ( London airport) i would imaging 8.30am local time.

He is in a very depressive mood and they had to put him on a suicide watch.

He is planning to go on hunger strike, he told me and I am extremely worried about him.”

I enclose a brief on his back ground,
Below is part of his story as published in ukgaynews. Go to… 1801.htm for the full story.

Capital Punishment is an inhuman retribution and contributes to the vain circle of violence and retaliation within society. Especially when totalitarian regimes use execution as a legitimate means to oppress, diminish and murder their minority groups. On the other hand, psychological side-effects of executions, in short and long terms, are damaging to the victims’ survivors as well as to the executers of the punishments. Add to this the fact that execution reduces society’s sensitivity against violence and violent behaviour. For the foundations of a civil society, for democracy and establishment of human rights, to respect the rights and the safety of alternative and freethinkers and to promote a non-violence culture, the omission of capital punishment is the first and foremost step.
We may have different political, social and cultural believes and objectives, but we all have come to agree on one point, and that is, the importance of abolishment of capital punishment for the sake of Iranian society.
We urge everyone to get involved actively in a wide spread war against capital punishment in Iran and help achieve this national goal through joined efforts of all, Iranians, especially the Homosexual community.
Sexuality is as important a fundamental right as all others and should be respected.

Sign the petition

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