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By Staff Writer, • January 9, 2009

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs has summoned the Papal Nuncio to the Netherlands to the ministry and expressed objections to the approach the Holy See took at the UN over a statement on the human rights of gays.

Maxime Verhagen, who is a Christian Democrat, told Monsignor François Bacqué that the Pope’s recent claim that homosexuality is as great a threat to humanity as the destruction of the rainforest was not constructive.

The minister also said he was surprised at the negative approach the Holy See took at the UN initiative, which the Netherlands backed.

66 nations supported the statement on LGBT rights at a session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last month.

It was read out by Argentina’s Ambassador the UN.

It does not create new rights and is not legally binding but instead builds on similar past initiatives.

It affirms the principle of universality: that all human beings, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity, are entitled to equal dignity and respect.

The Roman Catholic Church’s representative at the United Nations, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, said the Vatican opposed the use of the phrases “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” in the statement as they have no definition in international law and are cultural concepts.

“The Holy See appreciates the attempts made to condemn all forms of violence against homosexual persons as well as urge states to take necessary measures to put an end to all criminal penalties against them,” he said.

The Chuch claims that the statement: “goes beyond this goal and instead gives rise to uncertainty in the law and challenges existing human rights norms.”

Despite the fact the statement is not legally binding, the Vatican claims it “would create serious uncertainty in the law as well as undermine the ability of states to enter into and enforce new and existing human-rights conventions and standards.”

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koplogo2I was asked by the Dutch Foundation of Friends of the Gay Krant (SVGK) to distribute their appeal for an international campaign against the Pope. See their statement below – Peter Tatchell

Gay’s furious at Pope

BEST, NL – JANUARY 4th – The Foundation of Friends of the Gay Krant (SVGK) starts a global action against the gay discriminatory statements of Pope Benedict XVI. 90% of the readers of the Gay Krant wants the Dutch government to protest officially and call for the nuncius in The Hague.

Never before in such a short time there were so many angry phone calls, emails and letters on the desks of the editorial staff of Gay Krant. “On this first working day of the year we really were overwhelmed with responses, reports editor Henk Krol, worldwide initiator of opening up civil marriage.

Henk Krol: “The results of a survey under readers the last few days have been unlikely clear. 90% believe that the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen should protest against the pope.

Together with France, the Netherlands launched a declaration at the United Nations against criminalization of homosexuality. The statement was signed by 66 countries.

In recent weeks the Vatican pushed a anti-gay ruling at the UN. The reason is obvious: the opening of the civil marriage as advocated by the SVGK. The Dutch initiative gets worldwide more and more following. Even on the website of the Roman Catholic church can be read: “The Pope fears that marriage between persons of the same sex can become a human right. That would mean that the church does not oppose the impunity of an open civil marriage. We have the freedom not to sin”, reports the website.

Especially the statement of the Netherlands and France to ban homosexuality as an criminal act, is way to far for the Vatican. That would not acknowledge any sexual orientation “and that would be ‘legal uncertainty’ cause, said the Pope’s UN envoy, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, last weekend against Radio Vaticana.

The church will never recognize ‘gay marriage’ warns Martino in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano. Because the natural marriage between man and woman “is very different from the union of two persons of the same gender.

“From God we have received the precious gift of freedom. The freedom to choose whether or not to sin “, the President of the Papal Council Justitia et Pax said.

The UN declaration last month was called for by Minister Maxime Verhagen. He and his French colleague were supported by 66 of the 192 UN member states. 58 countries voted for a counter-declaration which was submitted by Egypt and Syria. They want the freedom to see homosexuality as a criminal act. The French-Dutch proposal was ready for vote in the General Assembly of the UN.

The Vatican is pleased that there is no majority for the statement.

The Holy See has said in many Member States have given support for its position.

A group of MEPs in the Euro parliament was already asked the pope to express in a more modest way.

The Dutch human rights activists Boris Dittrich of SVGK, who also works for Human Rights Watch in New York, and Henk Krol, the motor behind same sex marriage, are starting a worldwide campaign to increase the political role of the Vatican. They have seen with their own eyes how the Vatican lobbied for a UN declaration against gay rights. The text was dictated to Egypt by representatives of the pope. “Recognition of rights of homosexuals would inevitably lead to the legalization of pedophilia, incest and bestiality.”

The Foundation Friends of the Gay Krant, as initiators of opening up civil marriage, has contacted several gay organizations around the world.

Together they will discuss their further steps. They asl for a stop of the right of speech for the Vatican during the sessions of the UN. The Roman Catholic church is now the only religion with the right to speak in de UN-meeting. Neither the other Christian movements, nor Judaism, Islam or Buddhism, for example, have a right to speak. Only the pope has his direct influence in this forum in world politics.

Both Krol as Dittrich believe that statements such as: “Homosexuality is a serious threat to the survival of the human race, just as climate change” are not compatible.

According to SVGK now is the time that the world wakes up and diminish the role of the Vatican at the United Nations forum. “Stop the right to speak for representatives of the pope. Instead, an international inquiry into the complicity of the Vatican to discrimination against gay, women with complicated pregnancies and AIDS patients should be in place.”

All the best,

Henk Krol

Peter Tatchell is the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Oxford East and

gun9About United Nations Webcast:

2:30 pm Media Stakeout: Maxime Verhagen, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and Rama Yade, Secretary of State for International Affairs and Human Rights of France.

Letter from Stephen Barris:

Dear all,

The statement on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity is likely to be read Thursday December 18th.

It is impossible at this stage to know at which time it will be given as the agenda depends on the debates that may occur prior to the statement (on a wide range of subjects).

If you want to watch it live, we suggest you

– Open
Select the General Assembly picture below the screen

– Print the agenda

look for agenda item 64(b)

– Follow the webcast regularly to get an idea when the declaration, the counter resolution and a possible debate take place

You can also come back to the site the following days and look for agenda item 64(b) in the archived video for Dec 18

Thanks to Vanessa Jackson from ISHR, International Service for Human Rights for the information.


Estimado/as todo/as:

Es probable que jueves 18 de diciembre, se lea la declaración sobre orientación sexual e identidad de género.

En este momento es imposible conocer en qué momento se producirá dado que esto depende de los debates (de una amplia gama de temas) que se produzcan antes de la declaración.

Si desea verlo en directo, puede hacerlo en:

– Abriendo
Seleccione la imagen de la “Asamblea General” en la parte de abajo de la pantalla.

– Imprimiendo la agenda

y mire el tema 64 (b)

– Vea la retransmisión por internet con cierta regularidad para hacerse una idea de cuando tendrán lugar la declaración, la contra-declaración y el posible debate.

– Si lo prefiere, puede visitar la web en los días siguientes y buscar el tema 64 (b) en los archivos del 18 de diciembre:

Agradecemos a Vanessa Jackson, del Servicio Internacional para los Derechos Humanos, por la información.



É provável que a declaração sobre Orientação Sexual e Identidade de Género seja lida quinta-feira 18 de Dezembro.
Neste momento é impossível saber a que hora terá lugar, uma vez que a agenda depende dos debates que possam dar-se antes da declaração (numa vasta gama de temas).

Se quiser assistir à declaração em directo, sugerimos que:

– Abra
Seleccione a foto da Assembleia Geral no fundo do ecrã

– Imprima a agenda

procure pelo item 64(b)

– Siga a transmissão pela internet regularmente, para ter uma ideia de quando a declaração, a contra resolução e um possível debate tenham lugar.

Também pode voltar ao site nos dias seguintes e procure por agenda item 64(b) nos arquivos de vídeo de 18 de Dezembro.

Agradeço a Vanessa Jackson da ISHR, Serviço Internacional para os Direitos Humanos, pela informação.


Cheres toutes, chers tous,

La déclaration sur l’Orientation Sexuelle et l’Identité de Genre devrait être lue jeudi 18 décembre.

Il est impossible à ce stade de savoir à quelle heure elle aura lieu, étant donné que l’ordre du jour dépend des débats qui pourront se tenir auparavant (sur une grande variété de sujets).

Si vous voulez la regarder en direct, nous vous suggérons :

– de vous rendre à l’adresse suivante :
Sélectionez l’image de l’Assemblée Générale sous l’écran.

– d’imprimer l’ordre du jour (en anglais)

et de chercher l’article 64(b)

– de suivre régulièrement la diffusion en ligne pour avoir une idée de l’heure à laquelle la déclaration, la contre-résolution et un possible débat auront lieu.

Vous pouvez également retourner sur le site les jours suivants et rechercher l’article 64(b) de l’ordre du jour dans les archives vidéos du 18 décembre :

Merci pour cette information à Vanessa Jackson de l’ISHR, de l’ONG Service International des Droits Humains

Stephen Barris
Communication officer

International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Association –
Asociación Internacional de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales, Trans e Intersex
17 rue de la Charité – 1210 Brussels – Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)2 502 24 71

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yade2Dépénalisation de l’homosexualité: Rama Yade à l’Onu le 18 décembre

La secrétaire d’État aux droits de l’homme française, Rama Yade, se rendra au siège de l’ONU la semaine prochaine pour «promouvoir» un projet de déclaration sur la dépénalisation de l’homosexualité, annoncé dans Têtu n° 135, juillet-août 2008, et vivement combattu par le Vatican.

«Afin de promouvoir cette déclaration, Rama Yade se rendra à New York le 18 décembre et coprésidera avec Maxime Verhagen, ministre des Affaires étrangères des Pays-Bas, un événement en marge de l’assemblée générale, auquel s’associeront de nombreux autres pays», a déclaré jeudi le porte-parole adjoint du ministère des Affaires étrangères, Frédéric Desagneaux.

M. Desagneaux a rappelé l’engagement de Rama Yade en faveur d’un texte «appelant à la dépénalisation universelle de l’homosexualité qui serait portée aux Nations Unies lors de la présidence française du Conseil de l’Union européenne», qui s’achève à la fin de l’année.

Cette initiative, qui a déjà reçu le soutien d’une soixantaine de pays, «consiste en une déclaration qui sera prononcée dans le cadre de l’assemblée générale des Nations Unies», a-t-il ajouté. Le porte-parole a rappelé que l’homosexualité est passible de la peine de mort «dans au moins six pays dans le monde».

Le Saint-Siège a manifesté à plusieurs reprises son hostilité à ce projet, dont le texte n’a pas encore été rendu public, assurant qu’il se heurtait aux réserves ou à l’hostilité de nombreux pays. Pour le Vatican, cette déclaration répond à l’objectif légitime de bannir la répression de l’homosexualité. Mais en condamnant les «discriminations» et les «préjugés» concernant les homosexuels, il risque à ses yeux de favoriser le mariage gay, l’adoption par des couples du même sexe ou encore la procréation assistée pour les homosexuels.

par Quotidien/AFP
Info du 11 décembre 2008