MUST WATCH video on Uganda anti-gay Bill

Death penalty for straights and for non-sex offences too

London – 18 February 2010

Peter Tatchell writes:

I am very grateful to Rob Tisinai for making a masterclass YouTube video that explains the full horrors of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill. It shows that this Bill is far more lethal and wide-reaching than most people realise.

Ugandans don’t have to be gay or to have gay sex to be sentenced to death.

Read this summary of these little known aspects of the Bill, then watch the video (the link is below).

Under the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the crime of “serial offender” is punishable by execution.

A serial offender is a person who has “previous convictions” for “homosexuality OR RELATED OFFENCES.”

In other words, if a Ugandan person has previous convictions for offences in the Bill and then has a subsequent conviction he or she will be classified as a serial offender and face execution.

“Related offences” in the Bill, which can result in a death sentence for serial offenders, include non-sexual acts such as:

· aiding and abetting homosexuality
· advocating same-sex relationships or LGBT rights
· having a same-sex marriage
· publicising or funding pro-LGBT organisations
· using the internet or a mobile phone for the purpose of homosexuality or its promotion
· being a person in authority who fails to report an offender to the police within 24 hours

These related offences are crimes that could be also committed by a heterosexual person. It is not just LGBT Ugandans who are threatened by this legislation.

Under the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, all convicted serial offenders are liable to execution, regardless of their sexuality.

Rob’s brilliant short video explains the FULL and DEADLY clauses of the Bill. Please take a look and send it to your friends. We need to get the word out far and wide.

Watch Rob’s video here:

See the full text of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill here:

Huge thanks to Rob Tisinai for taking the time to make this superb video. It is the clearest, most detailed exposition of the true severity of the proposed new law.

Solidarity! Peter Tatchell

If you would like to contact Peter Tatchell, please email


  1. Omar Kuddus Gayasylum (UK)

    Everyone knows how i have been harping about Ugandas proposed anti Homosexuality Bill but now am rather flabbergasted at how open-ended the wording in Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexuality Law is, and how easily it can be abused should it become law.

    Rob Tisinai demonstrates just how open to rampant abuse this abysmally-constructed bill really is.

    It is fair to ask if this is what the bill’s authors and supporters really intend.

    But more importantly what are the worlds governments and authorities going to do regarding it for now it not only discriminates LGBT’s but ALL Ugandans Human Rights and principles in general.

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