Nepal: “Struggle Within”, a Documentary Film by Manoj Pandey – Russian Culture Center in Nepal Discriminate Sexual and Gender Minorities Based on Russian Law and Religion

“Struggle Within”, a Documentary Film by Manoj Pandey

Russian Culture Center in Nepal discriminate sexual and Gender minorities based on Russian Law and Religion

I am writing this mail with grave concern with discriminatory behavior from Russian Culture Center in Nepal against sexual and gender minority communities.
Manoj Pandey, a documentary filmmaker and trade union activists, made “Struggle Within“, a ground breaking documentary on Nepalese sexual and gender minorities facing work and labour related dissemination. Main issues covered by the documentary were: Two Lesbian fired by Nepal Army in 2007, another Two Lesbians fired by Maoist Army in 2005. Third gender fired by a restaurant in Pokhara.
Blue Diamond Society made this documentary with the support from European Union Funding support and was preparing to show at Russian Culture Center, booked the Russian Culture Center but at the last moment Russian Culture Canter coordinator Mr. Arseny Starkov cancelled the show of the documentary saying “sexual and gender minorities issues are against Russian Law and Religion”.

This is very unfortunate that Russian Culture Center tried to impose Russian law and religion in Nepali soil.

Nepal supreme court said on its verdict in 21 Dec 2007 “Discrimination against sexual and gender minorities is not allowed”. Nepal government also have supportive and inclusive policy and programs for sexual and gender minorities.

We all Nepali sexual and gender minorities condemned Russian Culture center’s unfortunate decision which is against the Supreme court’s decision and against the Nepal government’s policy that is inclusive of sexual and gender minorities.

We demand Russian culture canter to explain Nepal government and Nepali people: ” Whether Nepali law or Russian law we should follow in Nepali soil, Nepali territory?”

We call Nepal government to issue directives to such parties like Russian Culture Center that such parties MUST follow Nepali law in Nepali soil and any discrimination against any Nepali citizens regardless of sexual orientation and gender identities are prohibited in Nepal.

We call trade unions to look at this matter seriously and condemn such act of discrimination against minority citizens.

In Solidarity

Sunil Babu Pant
Member of Parliament and Founder of Blue Diamond Society


  1. Omar Kuddus Gayasylum (UK)

    When is the world going to realise and accept that some people are LGBT and always will be and accord them the dignity and respect they deserve by the fact that they are born Human and as such equal to and as everyone else.

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