Pro-Gay Radio Zamaneh Hacked by Tehran Regime’s Cyber-Army

F.Y.I., Radio Zamaneh is the Persian-language service of Radio Netherlands. It has been particularly good about covering persecution of Iranian queers, and its website reprinted my December report ( about the 12 youths, 8 of them teenagers, now facing execution for “sodomy” in Iran. The so-called “Cyber-Army” is under the control of the Iranian Ministry of Interior.


Doug Ireland

Dutch-based Persian language website hacked
January 31st, 2010 – 12:04 UTC
by Andy Sennitt

Iran has hacked the website of the Persian language, Amsterdam-based Radio Zamaneh, Fars News Agency reported on 31 January. Zamaneh’s website has been hacked by Iran’s Cyber Army which according to Fars became active following the post-election incidents in Iran. The Cyber Army has posted this message on Zamaneh’s website: “Iran’s Cyber Army warns all treasonous mercenaries that it will not leave them at peace even at the bosom of their masters.”

Fars report maintains that Radio Zamaneh is financially supported by the Netherlands’ government. The report also indicates: “It has been a primary priority for this radio to deal with artistic, literary, social, cultural and even religious topics along with intellectual slogans, however with political implications. In fact, “soft overthrow” should be mentioned as the most important tactic of this radio.”

According to the Reformist website Rahesabaz (on 31 January), Zamaneh website has not been accessible since Friday night, 29 January. However, the radio programmes of Zamaneh are available through satellite.

(Source: Fars News Agency website, Tehran, in Persian 0925 gmt 31 Jan 10 via BBC Monitoring)

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  1. Correction: Radio Zamaneh is *NOT* part of Radio Netherlands Worldwide. It is an independent organization. We are not responsible for any of the editorial content of Radio Zamaneh. It is financially supported by the Dutch government, but receives its funding directly from the government, not through us. We did provide some technical support when the station first started, but we have no day-to-day contact with them. The mission of Radio Zamaneh is different from ours.

    Andy Sennitt
    Radio Netherlands Worldwide

  2. Omar Kuddus Gayasylum(UK)

    I will say it again,and again.

    When will the UK /Europe realise and respect the rights of LGBTs and especially those who face the death penalty .

    The fact that he is in the UK/Europe he is entitled to the protection of the European Human Rights Charter,as stated by the Court of Appeals.

    The question then remains of how long is the LGBT community going to allow its fellow LGTs to be percequted and keep silent.

    Without repeating myself to hide ones sexuality is to say that the Jews were safe in WWII as long as they hid their religon or act Jewish.

    Everyones support, is requested/needed as if we in the west allow fellow homosexuals to be executed/ imprisoned, then we are no better than those who actually perpetrate the crime, for sexuality is as much a fundamental right as any other.

    I implore you, to make your voice heard as it can and shall make a difference.
    Please help and show your support.

    A world wide condemnation and plea to your local congresman/ MP/ Minister / the Home Office would further help.

    Please do not let another fellow Homosexuals suffer just for their sexuality that we take for granted in the West.

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