Franco-British Charter Flight to Kabul: The Odious Show Continues

Montag, 5. Oktober 2009 (Photo Reuters)

Franco-British Charter to Kabul: The Odious Show Continues

By No Border 09 Lesvos

A Franco-britannique deportation “charter” is scheduled for October 6 flying to Kabul. While the humanitarian situation and security continue to deteriorate in Afghanistan, that there has more civilian casualties than ever, and NGOs such as the Secretary General of UN expressed particular concern about the situation, France and Great Britain are trying, as they did in November 2008 with a joint operation. Afghanistan is a country at war. It is unacceptable to refer those that have fled to seek protection in Europe.

In France the Minister of immigration is mocking the decision of different courts to release 130 OF the 138 Afghans who had been arrested on September 22, for their removal, with the spectacular closure of the the largest “jungle” in Calais.

These courts have highlighted the inanity of this media operation recalling the respect of the people rights and fundamental freedoms Several courts have cancelled the papers obliging the migrants to leave the French territory (APRF) with the motivation of the non respect of the right to claim asylum. The government has not remedied this.

The government remains locked in his rhetoric about the magnetic effect of the jungle, according to which Afghans, Eritreans, Iraqis, Iranians, Sudanese, etc.. don’t come to Europe to save their lives and their freedoms, but for reasons of pleasure and comfort. According to this rhetoric, the current raids are supposed to carry disincentive messages in the countries of origin. So it like this that the Afghans of Calais are being taken hostage to try to terrorize their fellow victims of violence in the country.

These “cleaning operation” are continuing as well as the placement of Afghans in detention .

The joint charters which are contrary to the principle of collective deportation. They are leading to arbtitrary discriminatory and inhuman practices , in defiance of peoples fundamental rights.

We call upon the French and the Britsh authorities to waive any project of deportation to Afghanistan which would seriously endanger the lives of the Exiles.

We reaffirm the urgency of making sense of asylum in Europe by providing a mechanism for all refugees to seek protection in the country of his/her choice. In the meantime, that France can and must suspend the application of the Dublin Regulation so it may host on its territory those who continue to flee conflict and take refuge in Europe.

Cimade Julie Chansel 06 82 24 03 47

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  1. Leon

    Transmitted to:

    José Manuel Barroso, Président de la Commission européenne
    Jacques Barrot, Commissaire européen Justice, Liberté et Sécurité
    Nicolas Sarkozy, Président de la République française
    Eric Besson, Ministre de l’Immigration, de l’intégration, de l’identité nationale et du développement solidaire
    Pierre de Bousquet de Florian, Préfet du Pas-de-Calais
    Natacha Bouchart, Maire de Calais

    Whereas French and British authorities are planning, in the coming days, the organisation of a charter flight via Bakou in Azerbaijan bound for Afghanistan, which should transport several dozens of afghan migrants, who were still present around the “Jungle” in Calais a few days ago :

    We, Member of the European Parliament, call upon the French and British authorities to renounce to any project of deportation towards Afghanistan. This charter must not leave, neither tomorrow nor later. Whereas Afghanistan is a warring nation, this is unacceptable to send back those who fled their country to seek protection in Europe.

    This “joint charter” is contrary to the principles of collective deportations and non-refoulement. By putting seriously in danger the life of these refugees, France and UK do not comply with their international commitments as regard to Human rights.

    We reaffirm the emergency to make effective the Asylum Right in Europe in order to allow every refugee to seek protection in the country of their own choice. Here and now, France can, and has to, suspend the application of the Dublin regulation in order to host and give the necessary protection to the persons who don’t have any other choice than fleeing conflicts zones and find refuge in Europe.

    Contact presse
    Frédérique Tarride

    Signed by

    Alfano Sonia, ALDE (Italie), Alfonsi, François Greens/ALE (France), Arif Kader S&D (France), Bélier Sandrine, Greens/ALE (France), Benarab-Attou Malika Greens/ALE (France), Bennahmias Jean-Luc ALDE (France), Berès Pervenche S&D (France), Besset Jean-Paul Greens/ALE (France), Bové José, Greens/ALE (France), Brantner Franziska Greens/ALE (Allemagne), Canfin Pascal Greens/ALE (France), Castex Françoise S&D (France), Chountis Nikolaos GUE/NGL (Grèce), Cohn-Bendit Daniel Greens/ALE (France), De Sarnez Marielle ALDE (France), Delli Karima Greens/ALE (France), Delvaux Anne PPE (Belgique), Désir Harlem S&D (France), Ernst Cornelia GUE/NGL (Allemagne), Evans Jill Greens/ALE (Royaume-Uni), Flautre Hélène Greens/ALE (France), Grelier Estelle S&D (France), Grèze Catherine Greens/ALE (France), Griesbeck Nathalie ALDE (France), Guillaume Sylvie S&D (France), Haglund CarlALDE (Finlande), Hautala Heidi Greens/ALE (Finlande), Hoang Ngoc Liem S&D D (France), Hoarau Elie GUE/NGL (France), Jadot Yannick Greens/ALE (France), Joly Eva Greens/ALE (France), Keller Ska Greens/ALE (Allemagne), Kiil-Nielsen Nicole Greens/ALE (France), Klute Jürgen GUE/NGL (Allemagne), Lambert Jean Greens/ALE (Royaume-Uni), Le Foll Stéphane S&D (France), Lepage Corinne ALDE (France), Lichtenberge Eva Greens/ALE (Autriche), Lochbihler Barbara Greens/ALE (Allemagne), Lucas Caroline Greens/ALE (Royaume-Uni), Lunacek Ulrike Greens/ALE (Autriche), Mavronikolas Kyriakos S&D (Chypre), Pargneaux Gilles S&D (France), Peillon Vincent S&D (France), Rinaldi Niccolò ALDE (Italie), Rivasi Michèle Greens/ALE (France), Rochefort Robert ALDE (France), Romeva i Rueda Raül Greens/ALE (Espagne), Rühle Heide Greens/ALE (Allemagne), Sargentini Judith Greens/ALE (Pays-Bas), Scholz Helmut GUE/NGL (Allemagne), Schroedter Elisabeth Greens/ALE (Allemagne), Schulz Werner Greens/ALE (Allemagne), Staes Bart Greens/ALE (Belgique), Svensson Eva-Britt GUE/NGL (Suède), Tarabella Marc S&D (Belgique), Tirolien Patrice S&D (France), Trautmann Catherine S&D (France), Tremopoulos Michalis Greens/ALE (Grèce), Triantaphyllides Kyriacos GUE/NGL (Chypre), Turmes Claude Greens/ALE (luxembourg), Vergiat Marie-Christine GUE/NGL (France), Vergnaud Bernadette S&D (France), Weber Henri S&D (France), Zimmer Gabriele, GUE/NGL (Allemagne).

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