Month Against Homophobia in Belarus, April 17 – May 17, 2009

homop_09_6Here comes the second annual campaign “Month against Homophobia” in Belarus.

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It is going to be two years on end when Belarusian LGBT-groups are carrying on a campaign to resist homophobia and homosexual discrimination in Belarus. The campaign “Month against Homophobia” will be conducted from the 17th of April till the 17th of May in Minsk, Grodno and Luninets.

The campaign is organized by Belarusian Initiative for Sexual and Gender Equality and Remedial Project “Gay Belarus”, supported by portal, Belarusian Helsinki Committee and Youth Social Democrats – Young Community, Republican Youth Association “Meeting” and Belarusian “Green” Party. The campaign includes a range of seminars dedicated to the problem of discrimination and homophobia in Belarus, a round table
discussion with non-state organizations and religion representatives invited. There are planned some educational and informational activities for both the LGBT community and the society on the whole.

Among the main objectives of “Month against Homophobia in Belarus” there are:

– To resist any kind of physical, moral and symbolic violence to people with a different sexual orientation and gender identity;

– To show solidarity to all the gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the world, including those unable to defend their rights;

– To carry on a wider campaign for human right defense;

“Month against Homophobia in Belarus” starts with a premiere demonstration of the film “The Birds Cannot Fly” which tells about LGBT Christians.

homophobiabelarus1The representatives of the Belarusian LGBT-movement are going to take part in the “Chernobyl path” which is annually held in the memory of victims of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Disaster.

The 16th of May is the day of memory for people who died of AIDS. There will be the special activities carried on in all the regional centres, Minsk and Svetlogorsk.

The campaign is to end on the 17th of May, the international day of Homophobia resistance. On that day the representatives of “Gay Belarus” project will take part in “Slavic Pride” in Moscow while in Minsk the Belarusian Initiative for Sexual and Gender Equality will lay flowers to the Trostenets Memorial in order to commemorate Nazi concentration camps victims among who there were also gays tortured in Nazi Germany.

You can find all the detailed information about the activities within the campaign “Month against Homophobia in Belarus” on the site


  1. g.p. davis

    Need to made contacts with Belorussians living in San Francisco, Ca. before my move there. I am hoping there is a community there as there is here in Massachusetts. Thank you.

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