Urgent: Important Update About the Publication of a Video Wrongly Identified

Urgent: Important update about the publication of a video wrongly identified

In the previous newsletter n°15, “Gays Without Borders Newsletter – March 19, 2009 (15)”, the members received the following information and links:

Iran: Men Thrown Off a Roof (Sentence for Homosexuals)

Video : Men Thrown Off a Roof (Sentence for Homosexuals in Iran)

In fact this video was first published the 20 february 2009 by the website “Iran Press News” at the following link, and the 21 february 2009 by the French Site Iran Resit with this legend :

“Selon la charia, les mollahs éliminent les homos en les précipitant dans le vide. Cette vidéo d’origine arabe montre des exécutions de ce type : voici des pauvres gens vraiment piégés !”

Translation : “According to the Shariah, the mullahs kill homos by rushing them into the vacuum. This video shows Arab executions of this kind: here are really poor people trapped!”

To illustrate the following text, written by Peter Tatchell: “Support the Iranian People, Oppose Tehran’s Clerical Fascism“, the 5 march 2009, the video was used and edited on You Tube for technical reasons (our website can only publish videos edited before on You Tube or Dailymotion) with the name “Iran: Men Thrown Off a Roof (Sentence for Homosexuals)”.

On the 19 march, a new information sent by the American Web Site “Box Turtle Bulletin”, has made appear that in fact this video was also used into a film made in 2003 by CNN to justify the American invasion of Iraq and to prove the exactions of the Saddam Hussein’s troups.

You can see this film named “Iraqi Torture” here (the segment of the throwing is at 1:33).

As “Box Turtle Bulletin” explains in his post, the right identification of this segment can be called: “Iraq’s Fedayeen Saddam throwing soldiers off the roof in order to “instill discipline”” (even for the moment we have no more explanation about this chastisement).

So, dear readers, at the light of this new reality, the post on the Gay Without Borders Site was deleted and also the video on You Tube.

This kind of unfortunate mistake about a video is regrettable because without justification it can hurt the credibility of all the Gays Without Borders members and can dismiss or play down the claims that people can be executed for consensual homosexuality in Iran.

So, I, webmaster of the blog https://gayswithoutborders.wordpress.com, apologize for this inconveniences.


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