Serbia: Marko Karadžić, Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, Supports “Gay Pride” Parade



The Gay Pride parade that has been announced in Belgrade will be supported by the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights.

This is according one of the secretaries of state with the ministry, Marko Karadžić, who spoke last night in a B92 TV talk show.

The Constitution, Karadžić explained, guarantees each citizen a right to peaceful assembly. Gay Pride parades are meant to draw attention to the problems that are faced by persons of different sexual orientation in their daily lives.

“No one asked the question, nor will they ask it now, how come women or black people took it to the streets – because they were forced to be in those places where the white people could not see them, because they were forced to sit in kitchens, because they were oppressed. That’s why,” this ministry official was quoted as saying.

The parade, Karadžić concluded, cannot be banned just because hooligans and violent people are on the other side.

Gay Straight Alliance NGO representative Boris Milićević, who took part in the same show, said that this parade is important in order to lower the degree of homophobia in Serbia.

“Persons who know someone who is gay have a much lower level of homophobia and much fewer negative opinions about gay people. Simply, they know a particular person, they know this person is just like any other and have no problem with that . Gay Pride, as a public manifestation serves for us to stress our demand for equality, that demand of ours for freedom,” said Milićević.

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