The Fight in Poland for GLBT Equal Rights Stopped Long Ago


The Fight in Poland for GLBT Equal Rights Stopped Long Ago sent by Lukasz Palucki

After on the poster: “Love is love” Antarex and Ariman, printed and posted on the walls in 2003
The fight in Poland for equal rights for gays and lesbians stopped about 6 years ago, in 2003. So far, only Gaylife sounds the alarm. Now we’ve awaken another web portal, which shares its diagnosis.

The web portals and Gaylife each with different character were launched almost at the same time. Homiki is mostly a serious journal featuring cultural affairs; there are no personal profiles like Gaylife.
With the previous editorial board we went along the mountains – for photos on Gaylife CLICK HERE, for Homiki’s photo CLICK HERE .
The current chief – Michal Minałto we know from the many gay events. He looks at us like his portal was superior to our reporting and others. However, the publication of “On the barricades: It is not rosy” is idealistic calling the GLBT community to defend the castle, from which Gaylife fully agree:

Can display the movies in DKF’s (Film club discussions) win equal rights?
The fight for gay equality stopped after the completion of KPH‘s “Let us see” campaign six years ago, in 2003. Since then, nothing has been accomplished or attempted. Although – as Homiki says: we are only receiving the proposals of workshops, training courses, conferences and watching films. Do these films really show how we can change the world? Still frequently homophobes attack us with impunity in the media and LGBT organizations do not challenge them to court.

The last change was under Marshal Pilsudski
Around us the world has changed: in the Czech Republic, Hungary may include gay partnerships, marriages, even in Spain, Denmark – gays adopt children. In Poland, the last major change occurred in 1932, when the Polish Penal Code nullifying the criminalization of homosexuality was approved. We owe this to Marshal Jozef Pilsudski. The PRL (Communist) and 20 years of free Poland has passed away. Persons born during the decriminalization of homosexuality in Poland today are 77 years old, and from 1932 nothing major has changed. Poland became a democratic country, a member of the European Union which basically did not change anything.
As gay matters are concerned, there is stagnation. We have no partnerships. We have no ban on hate speech. Slawek Starosta – Polish GLBT activist the longest of any (he started in 1986) told me recently that in his assessment of the early 90s, when it was allowed to open a gay club in the biggest cities to this day very little has changed in the legal sphere. In the sphere of customs there may be a little more, but thanks to a number of western films and TV celebrity. The writer Tom Raczek on Monday did more than the whole KPH over the years. (He called for a national referendum on partnership laws)

They do what they receive money for
Wait a moment – someone can say – After all, we have organizations such as the LGBT Lambda or KPH! – For a long time Gaylife points out – and finally, we shared the diagnosis with Homiki that these organizations are doing just enough to receive the money that is available (i.e. grants). And the money available is mainly disbursed by politicians who do not want any radical changes in gender equality issues.

The group of professional gays and lesbians
These organizations, especially KPH manages a small group of people. Often these are people who do not work anywhere and maintain only what is available for the project, even if the projects do not support equality. Almost everyone who is sponsored from the public funding (in English, of the EU or municipal) only organizes a conference, view the films or give a condom to the clubs. Coordinator receives (usually a few thousand zl (euros) per project. And this is the money that the “Campaign Against Homophobia,” despite the requests of our editors, does not want to publically disclose. A small group of people has made themselves a permanent source of income to organize ‘conferences, films” which from our viewpoint are not effective in terms of our struggles for equality.

Waste of enthusiasm
As we always said form the beginning the danger lies in something else – such organizations skills putting to sleep our vigilance. We as a community think that someone is fighting for our rights but at the same time nothing is actually going on. More than that many young powerful people are joining these inept organizations and in our opinion their enthusiasms is wasted on fake activities. Recently, it has become known and discussed via complaints online that volunteers applied to work at some associations and the organizations did not respond.

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  1. Daniel Allen Cox


    Thanks for this great coverage. Here’s an article you might enjoy, an open letter I wrote to Ryszard Grobelny, the mayor of Poznan, Poland. You might have also heard of Ninio, the queer elephant with his trunk in a twist. Feel free to share this letter with your readers. In gratitude, Daniel Allen Cox.

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