By Nicolas Alexeyev

Dear friends,

While all of you have heard about the International Day Against Homophobia which take place every May 17th since 2005, not all of you might be aware that the recent statement signed by 66 countries at the United Nations was an initial campaign of IDAHO.

In 2005, the IDAHO Committee launched the petition for the Universal Decriminalization of Homosexuality. This petition was signed by Nobel Prizes, Intellectuals, NGOs, Artists… Desmond Tutu, Elton John signed it for example. But more important, more than 20,000 individuals also signed it.

As of today, the European Parliament, France, Belgium, Costa Rica, Mexico, United Kingdom have all recognized May 17th in their calendar as the offical day against homophobia. And this week, a Luxembourg MP has put a motion to have his country joining the list. We are working with other countries to increase this list.

The IDAHO is already celebrated in more than 50 countries, each of them with each own specificity. Only, one common goal : Organizing actions against homophobia around May 17th.

If some of you want to join this initiative and become coordinator in their country, please send me an email. The IDAHO Committee is always happy to welcome new forces !




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