UK: Queer Fear 2 – The Sexual Cleansing of Iraq – Film Screening November 3rd 2008


Please can you tell everyone that we are screening the new film about LFBT people in Iraq on Monday coming – November 3rd, 6.30pm, Euston.

Queer Fear 2 features Ali Hilli & Haytham from LGBT Iraq (UK) and Peter Tatchell from Outrage!
It has been cut as a fundraiser for LGBT Iraq (UK).

The film recaps the story, emphasises Iraqi government inactivity, and calls for financial support for the provision of safe houses by LGBT Iraq. Entry is free but we are holding a voluntary collection and will donate half the proceeds to LGBT Iraq (UK).

Queer Fear 2 is on in the first half of a programme of shorts, plus the feature length documentary Iraq for Sale – the War Profiteers.

So please, please, please pass this on, post it to web lists, and advertise the trailer for the event.
Thanks for your help.


The World Premiere of David Grey’s new documentary short about gays and lesbians being murdered by militias linked to the Iraqi government.
This is the updated sequel to 2007’s Queer Fear: Gay Life, Gay Death in Iraq which first told this shocking story.

6.30pm to 9.00 pm, Monday 3rd November

Birkbeck Cinema, 41 Gordon Square, London WCIH 0PD
5 minutes walk from Euston, Euston Square or Russell Square tube stations

See also: Sexual Cleansing in Iraq: Bashar, Coordinator of Iraqi LGBT in Baghdad Assassinated – Islamist Death Squads Are Hunting Down Gay Iraqis and Summarily Executing Them


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