«Young Social Democrats – Maladaya Hramada» Ready to Cooperate With LGBT Organizations in Belarus

«Young Social Democrats – Maladaya Hramada» ready to cooperate with LGBT organizations in Belarus

«Young Social Democrats – Maladaya Hramada» in an interview for news agency «Belarusian news» said the possibility of including the elimination of homophobia and work towards a tolerant attitude people with «non-traditional» sexuality in the social commission, which has now created a «Young Democrats».

As described «Belarusian news» deputy chairman of the youth organization «Young Social Democrats – Maladaya Hramada» Alexandr Sigaev, until the establishment of a commission or organization structure for LGBT rights at the official level was not discussed. But «it is possible that the elimination of homophobia and bringing up tolerant attitude towards people with «non-traditional» sexuality will be dealt with Social Commission, which is currently being established in the Youth Democrats».

However, if talking about the party of Social Democrats of Belarus, Democrats has not yet shown a special solidarity with our European friends in this direction. There is no statement on the matter of former president BSDP Alexander Kozulin or present – Anatoly Levkovich.

Meanwhile, the Belarusian opposition, as well as the authorities are hesitant to acknowledge LGBT representatives «as a people» and take the right part of the overall system of human rights.

Gay and lesbians in Europe celebrate eighth anniversary of the special recommendations of PACE on the rights of gays and lesbians. One of the 11 items that recommendation sounds so: «disciplinary measures for those who discriminate against homosexuals». What is logical, because any violence (moral or physical) against any person should be punished.

Alexandr Paluyan

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