London: Call for Al-Quds Day Counter Demo on Sunday 28th Sept

This is a generic event but some people on here that are in London on the Sunday 28th may be interested in coming. The counter demo starts at 1pm at Piccadilly Circus.

Call for Al-Quds Day Counter Demo on Sunday 28th Sept

Islamic Republic sponsored annual march through the streets of London is due on Sunday 28th Sept.

To oppose this Islamic Republic propaganda march, we will assemble for a standing counter-demo at Piccadilly Circus at 1:00 PM.

Join us to oppose the Islamic Republic march on this day.

Last year’s Al-Quds march and counter demo:

Erm before I and others organising the counter demo get denounced for being a stooge of Bush and the US government I would draw attention of people to this little fact.

It is not just gay asylum seekers that have trouble with the British and US authorities.

The story had a happy ending and Arash is now out of the detention centre (Arash’s case has not been re heard by the Home Office though).

See also: London Al-Quds March: Islamists Slander and Threaten Peter Tatchell


  1. Hi friends/comrades,

    Below is the official statement from the demonstration organiser…

    Hope to see you there


    Oppose the Al-Quds Day demo!

    Don’t let Iran’s theocracy exploit the Palestinian cause for its own ends!

    Solidarity with workers, women and students in Iran!

    In 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of the Islamist counter-revolution which crushed the popular uprising against the regime of the Shah of Iran, called for an “international day of Al-Quds” (Jerusalem). This day, supposedly in solidarity with the people of Palestine, is in fact used to promote international support for Iran’s Islamic Republic – a viciously misogynistic, homophobic, anti-semitic regime which is currently engaged in a crack-down against workers, women, students and other left-wing and democratic opponents.

    In London, we will be counter-demonstrating to say:

    – Down with the Islamic Republic, solidarity with workers, women and students in Iran.

    – No to war, military attacks or sanctions against Iran.

    – Genuine solidarity with the Palestinians, not anti-semitic demagogy.

    Come and join British and Iranian trade unionists, socialists, student activists and feminists to make solidarity with workers’ and other democratic movements across the Middle East – including in Palestine, Israel, Iraq and Iran.

    Meet 1.45pm, Sunday 28th September, Piccadilly Circus, London. For more information email

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