“Makwan: A Letter From Paradise”, Video-Poem Dedicated to Makwan Moloudzadeh

Iran-Italy: “Makwan: A Letter From Paradise”, video-poem by Roberto Malini and Dario Picciau dedicated to Makwan Moloudzadeh

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“Makwan: A Letter From Paradise” is a video-poem by Roberto Malini and Dario Picciau dedicated to 21-year-old Makwan Moloudzadeh who was hung in prison (Tehran) last December while the international campaign to save his life was collecting signatures and gaining momentum all over the world.

Makwan died an innocent boy. He has become a symbol, both in Iran and throughout the world, for all those who are committed to fighting the inhuman logic of the death penalty.

Thousands of activists all over the world had made a desperate appeal to the authorities and sent them white and red flowers in an attempt to stop the executioner taking his young life. At his funeral a large crowd of townspeople accompanied Makwan’s mortal remains, and prayed that his sacrifice would serve to save other human lives by inviting those in power and the judges to realise the horror of the death penalty. This video-poem was made with the support of the Moloudzadeh family, and Makwan’s Uncle Mahmoud who lives in Germany.

Two great actors have given their important contribution to the work, lending their voices to this message to humanity: Emiliano Coltorti in the Italian version; Norman Nawroski in the English version. “Makwan: a Letter from Paradise” opposes the death sentence and its terrible significance (which embodies hatred and revenge) with a respect for life; because murder constitutes, without exception, the greatest possible violation of human rights.

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See also the video at the morgue
And the video of the funeral, December 6, 2007
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  1. adirup

    very sad! indeed –

  2. John Gustafson

    This young man with a life ahead of him was judged by people who themselves were criminals. This handsome young man probably was a sensitive caring kind-hearted person who inside only wanted someone to love and to be loved. On the inside, I have no doubt that this young man held the values and consideration for his fellow man. He was an adolescent, possibly confused and bewildered about his own sexual identity. He definitely was not a tyrant. It is a travesty of justice what happened to Makwan Moloudzadeh. I wish I could have protected him and so many others do also. May faith of his everlasting life be stronger than the hatred that killed him. Many here in America I’m sure would pray for the soul of this beautiful young man. To think that I was celebrating my birthday on December 4th here in America and I did not even know that a young man who happened to be gay like mself was being executed on the other side of the world.

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