Germany: Vigil Commemorating Gay and Lesbian Victims of Iran’s Ayatollah Regime for 19 July 2008 in Cologne


19 July 2008

Vigil commemorating Gay and Lesbian victims of Iran’s Ayatollah regime for 19 July 2008 in Cologne, Germany

The Gay Homeland Foundation, an organization dedicated to furtherance of a Gay national movement and cultural progress of the Gay-Lesbian community, and baraka, an international self-organization group of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual immigrants in Cologne, have for the second time organized a political demonstration commemorating all Gay and Lesbian victims of the Ayatollah regime in Iran in Cologne on 19 July 2008. The action started at 17:30 with a talk on the human rights situation of Gays and Lesbians in Iran, presented by Dr. Viktor Zimmermann, and continued with a vigil at the “Memorial for Lesbian and Gay victims of National Socialism” in Cologne at 19:30. Jacek Marjanski from baraka, and Ensi, an Iranian Lesbian refugee from Iran, read the common statement in German and Farsi.

RUBICON, Cologne’s counseling center for Gays and Lesbians, also supported the event.

19 July 2008 is the anniversary of the 2005 execution of two homosexual teenagers, Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni, who were believed to be lovers and were denounced to the police by a family member.

Authorities later distributed official information suggesting that the two teenagers were executed because of a rape of a 13-year old boy. In Iran, such accusations are routinely applied against homosexuals to justify a death sentence, since the regular proof by four witnesses (as prescribed by Sharia) can not be realistically supplied.

Gay Homeland Foundation greatly appreciates the accurate research performed by Simon Forbes from the British group Outrage!. The two executed teenagers will always remind us of the fate of many of
our brothers and sisters in Iran who were tortured and murdered by the Ayatollah regime and its death squads.

In today’s Iran, Gays and Lesbians still suffer the worst oppression and live in daily fear of denunciation. The country’s harsh Islamic regime has declared a downright war against homosexuals, reminiscent of ethnic cleansing in its perfidy: Specially trained agents routinely entrap Gay men in internet forums. In this atmosphere of constant fear, many commit suicide or undergo unnecessary sex-change operations.

The Gay Homeland Foundation (GHF) appeals to the international community to cease deporting Gay and Lesbian asylum-seekers to persecuting countries, and to consider instead the establishment of a self-administered territory for the Gay and Lesbian people.


The Gay Homeland Foundation is an organization dedicated to furtherance of a Gay national movement and cultural progress of the Gay-Lesbian community; the administrative center is located in Cologne, Germany. The Foundation is actively investigating the possibilities for establishment of self-administered GLBT settlements and organizing the LGBT community in a sovereign political entity.

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