Moscow Court Held Russian President Immune From Gays

Moscow Court Held Russian President Immune From Gays

Organisers are planning to take the case up to the European Court of Human Rights

On Tuesday 8 July the organizers of Moscow Gay Pride were officially informed that Tverskoi District Court of Moscow denied to consider their complaint against inaction of the Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev on the organizer’s request to conduct their Pride march on 31 May in Alexandrovskiy Sad of Moscow Kremlin.

In his decision federal judge of Tverskoi District Court Alexey Sevalkin gave references to a number of articles of Russian Constitution, mainly Article 91, according to which the President of Russian Federation has immunity against any legal actions. The Court held that even though the Constitution says that “everyone is equal before the law and the court”, there are a few persons who are protected by their immunity. The Court said that the case against the President can not be considered in civil proceedings but did not specify how to make the head of state accountable for his inactions which contradict the Russian legislation.

Moscow Pride organizers appealed against the President to Tverskoi District Court on 23 June. Earlier they were denied marches on any May day by Moscow Government and applied to the President for permission to hold the march in Alexandrovskiy Sad on 31 May from 1 to 2 p.m. with 200 participants. Alexandrovskiy Sad is one of only few places in Moscow which is under the jurisdiction of the President and not Moscow authorities.

Full article: GayRussia.Ru


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