UK: Prossy Kakooza Wins Latest Fight

By Andy Braunston

Ugandan Lesbian Prossy Kakooza today won the latest fight in her battle for asylum in the UK.

A senior immigration judge dismissed a previous Immigration Tribunal ruling, denying Prossy asylum, calling the judgement “a mess”.

Prossy fled Uganda after being tortured and raped by police officers.

Her family had discovered Prossy and her partner in bed together and had marched them, naked, to the police station where they were detained. Prossy was subjected to horrific sexual attacks and physical torture. She escaped to the UK after her family bribed the guards to release her – as they wanted to deal with their family shame by having Prossy killed.

The Home Office denied her asylum but the original judge believed Prossy’s claim to have been raped and tortured but felt it would be safe to return her to a different part of Uganda.

This ignored the facts, and case law, which suggests that someone who has been so mistreated by the state is likely to suffer similar mistreatment in the future.

Today’s ruling allows Prossy to present her claim afresh to an asylum tribunal. This hearing is likely to take place in the autumn where Prossy’s claim will be looked at, the possibility of “internal relocation” in Uganda examined and her identity as an out and proud lesbian in the UK considered.

Prossy Kakooza Must Stay


  1. Kerris Milligan

    This wonderful country of ours will never fail to amaze me! What part of Prozzy’s story did the original idiot judge sleep through? No doubt he has never suffered discrimination, threats, brutality and rape? Well I should hope not, living in what most folk think of as a ‘safe’ country, a country where is is reasonably 0.K? to be yourself at least! I pray that somebody ‘up there’ will send the blessing of imagination, understanding andcompassion to those who sit in judgement and allow this young woman to stay and live out her life free from such horrors. Blessings Kerris

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