Gabriele Paolini: Condom Prophet Jailed for Offending Christianity: Was Pope John Paul II ‘Gay’?

“Gabriele Paolini: Condom Prophet Jailed for Offending Christianity” by Therion

Didn’t Jesus tell his followers that if someone strikes you on the cheek, turn the other cheek for more of the same? Well apparently this lesson has been lost on Italian authorities – a country where you can be jailed for insulting the representative of Jesus Christ on earth – an offense otherwise known as insulting state religion.

Gabriele Paolini, the man known as the “prophylactic prophet” and the “television polluter” has been sentenced to five months in jail for calling the late Pope John Paul ll gay.

Paolini, also known as the “condom prophet,” began his career as a subverter of television after a close friend died of Aids. His one-man protest, set out to up-stage television shows in order to promote safe sex and the use of condoms.

He followed the reporters and would show up on TV screens around the nation wearing a chain of condoms around his neck – often gesticulating behind some journalist in the middle of a news report. His campaign was so successful that he made it into into the Guinness Book of Records for appearing on television 20,000 times over a six year period.

In 2005, he positioned himself behind a TV broadcast in Rome and called the late Pope John Paul ll gay. It is against the law in Italy to interrupt a public service. Dissing the Pope also brought the charge of insulting state religion.

Paolini isn’t a quitter. Despite being roughed up and threatened on numerous occasions he persisted with his campaign. Given his track record, he should be able to survive the five month stint on the inside.

His website is at


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