Today in Belarus Has Started a Month Against Homophobia

Today in Belarus has started a month against homophobia

Not looking at a cancelling of clause and a recognition of homosexuals in a society in many countries of the world, still there is a discrimination and homophobia. Does not differ from the world tendency and Belarus. Not everyone can accept and approve unisex attitudes as men with men, and women with women.

From April, 17th till May, 17th in Minsk and Gomel will pass actions on decrease in a level homophobia in the country.

” The month against homophobia in Belarus ” is an original attempt to pay attention to a problem гомофобии and its dangers to all society. It is an opportunity to answer on homophobia rhetoric by creation of space without discrimination and hatred in relation to people.

As organizers of a month have acted: the International Amnesty Belarus, Portal, Site, Initiative of young belarusian gays, Initiative group of the belarusian gays “BelQueer”, Information centre ” Theme “.

You can support ” the Month against гомофобии in Belarus “.


  1. charlievazquez

    This is great…I hope things get better for queers in Belarus. Not an easy task perhaps but I think that with time it can be done!

    Charlie Vazquez, NYC

  2. I really hope the activity goes well, Belarus is a beautiful country but very heavy to live in.

    Here are some photos about Belarus if you are interested…

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