Anti-Gay Amerika: They’re Coming to your Town

Sally Kern and the AFA: targeting gays in America by Therion

Oklahoma State rep., Sally Kern (Rep), has it in for gay people who seek to serve their communities. Rather than welcome the contribution of gay Americans willing to volunteer their talent and their time, Kern has been making incendiary comments directed at the gay community that are not only unjust, but despite her claims to the contrary, both hateful and malicious. In a recent speech, Kern went so far as to claim that homosexuality is a bigger threat to national security than terrorism.

Kern warns that “gays are infiltrating our city councils”. She claims the city council in Eureka Springs, AR, is “controlled by gays.”

Actively discriminating against fellow Americans on the basis of their sexual orientation, isn’t a problem for the American Family Association (AFA). It has produced a video titled “They’re Coming to your Town”. The video promotes a conspiracy agenda that has more in common with the twilight zone than reality. The trailer warns: “watch and learn, how to fight a well organized gay agenda to take over the cities of America, one city at a time.”

You can view the trailer here.

The AFA has a history of targeting gay people. They raised alarms in the past about the presence of gays on television programs. Gay phobia characterizes the brand of discrimination that they attempt to push under the cover of “American values.”

Truth is, the best of American values is reflected by comments offered up by Eureka Springs mayor Dani Joy, who recently extended a welcome to one and all irrespective of race, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability or national origin. The mayor added: “it is our hope that all people would aspire to this ideal.”

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  1. I’m sure the sham of appearing at the Capitol and giving the impression this is a legislative procedure is exactly what was intended when GOPer Sally Kern and Krew planned their morality proclamation ceremony on July 2 in Oklahoma City.

    If she were interested in promoting only morality and not instead, introducing her personal religious restrictions, why isn’t she using her own church, Olivett Baptist, as her backdrop?

    As always with the mentally unbalanced words and actions are morphed into absurd definitions and shapes. Lies to support other lies are always invented, regardless of how holy the intent of the lies is supposed to be.

    She speaks of divorce as contributing to national decline. How short her memory is for anything except bible verses.

    Kern’s patron saint, Ronald Reagan, was divorced, as is Newt Gingrich and Rumbaugh twice each. Sen. Vitter of LA likes diaper sex with paid escorts and Gov. Sandford of SC abandons his family and state duties to amorize in Argentina. Gov. Palin of AK can’t teach her eldest daughter to say simple words like, “No”.

    When you don’t set yourself up on a high soap box in the first place and then mistake it for a psychiatrist’s office you don’t have to fall so inevitably far when you come up short in your own life.

    Kern should spend more time looking at the fruit falling close to her family tree ( ) before she tries to juice the private lives of others.

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