Belarus: The Initiative of Young Gays is Accused of Insult to the Government


A statement, addressed to the President of the Republic of Belarus, has been sent to the Presidential Administration. This statement accused the Initiative of Young Gays of homosexual propaganda in Belarus, of summons to the unendorsed meetings, of insulting the government and the President of Belarus and of disinformation of the international society about the social and political life in the country, as reports.

In this letter from the Russian Federation citizen Sergei Androsenko (the leaders of Belarussian Initiative of Young Gays) is called a self-appointed leader of the unregistered radical social and political organization.

The author of the letter demands to find out the true leader of the mentioned organization and to institute criminal proceedings against him for the unregistered organization’s activity and for insulting the state.

«It is clear, that this statement was written by neither Saint Petersburg resident nor even by an ardent homophobic person. I am sure that the letter is written by a common Belarussian careless gay. Nobody but a person involved in Belarussian LGBT life could get acquainted in such a detail with the site which is written in classical Belarussian language, could give references to the site materials and in general to write such a nonsense» – Sergei Androsenko stated.

However, having talked to Sergei, law-enforcement officials claimed that at the present moment the initiative is free of any crime though the amenability can be possible in the future.

Svyatoslav Sementsov
Co-president TEMA – Information Center


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