Mehdi Kazemi, Gay Azylum UK Press Release: Mehdi Kazemi will be Deported to the UK from Holland Within the Next 72 Hours



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Our hearts, with those of thousands across the globe go out to Madhi today.
The Judge has ruled that the IND can honour the British government’s request for his return to the UK, under the DublinTreaty and all we can now do is await his arrival back to the UK within the next 72 hrs.
We still hope that the British government will not deport Madhi back to Iran but reconsider his case and grant him Asylum based on his sexuality and on Iran’s stance on the subject and proven record of violating human rights by torture, persecution and execution of known homosexuals.
The British government can no longer hide behind its stance that Homosexuals are free in Iran as long as they are discreet, for they, via our own MP’s have been told by a senior Iranian Minister that all homosexuals will be executed in Iran.
The president himself said and confirmed that Iran has no homosexuals.
If necessary a legal challenge shall be instigated in the UK and the European Court of Human Rights to prevent Madhis deportation.
The worlds spoken and shown its disgust and if Britain claims to be the champions of democracy and compassion, this is a time to prove that these are not just ideal words.
The challenge and fight to save Madhis life has only just begun and must be perused, for the sake of decency and humanity.
Just how many more gay Iranians are meant to die before the British government takes action and shows to the world that this “genocide” must be stopped?
We need to keep the pressure up on our government, MP’s , MEP’s and HOBI not to deport him back to Iran.
I can be contacted at the group page address dedicated new number for Madhi case in the UK.

This can be found on


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  1. Rich Francis

    I would totally marry this guy to keep him in the U.K. or if he could come to Canada, I feel so bad for him… Is there nothing else that can be done?

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