Petition for Mehdi Kazemi: Europe Must Stop Deportation of Iranian Queers


Iranian gay refugee risks deportation from the United Kingdom. Urgent appeal to Europe

Petition for Mehdi Kazemi: Europe Must Stop Deportation of Iranian Queers

He lived a marginalized and terrorized life as an Iranian homosexual in Iran; the burden of such a life became so strenuous that he finally left Iran for the UK with a student visa. Mehdi Kazemi is another Iranian gay refugee who left his home country with the hope of securing a more dignified life for himself in the West; and yet he is another young refugee who sees his hopes for safety and human dignity fading in the face of European governments’ lack of respect for even the most basic human rights. The European governments claim to be the champions of human rights and democracy and condemn Iran frequently for its violation of human rights; and yet they willingly pave the road for the government of Iran to go ahead with its human rights abuses, and arrest and execute an identified Iranian gay. Today, they sentence Mehdi to torture and possible death by deporting him to Iran, and tomorrow they issue statements commending this violent and unlawful act of execution.

Time after time we have read the statements of European governments against the Islamic Republic of Iran: “The Republic does not respect human rights” and yet these European powers deport Medi to the very government they criticize for violating gay rights. It must be known that such acts of deportation equally violate human rights. The UK government deports Mehdi Kazemi to Iran despite the well-known fact that there is a serious risk of his prosecution, torture and execution.

European governments in general and the UK government in particular must immediately change these oppressive anti-refugee policies and must make a serious effort in protecting the rights of human beings.

Mehdi Kazemi should not be deported back to Iran.

Petition: Europe Must Stop Deportation of Iranian Queers

  1. Hi

    I’ve posted a copy of video of Monday’s Rome protest here >

    I’ll have another go tomorrow to post it to a video-sharing website, maybe there via google video now

    My post on this is here >

  2. Firdaus Kanga

    I am a gay,disabled man living in London.I am of Iranian descent,a Zoroastrian-or Parsee-whose ancestors had to seek asylum in India.This was more than a thousand years ago- the Arabs murdered allthose who would not convert to Islam and its narrow,vicious intolerance. If this is Islamophobia so is the defence of the rights of women,of freedom and yes, gay and lesbian people.
    I am one of the fortunate few who can live my life as I wish to do,writing and making documentaries about growing up gay.
    Mehdi Kazemi is doomed because it has become so politically correct to defend Islam never mind its ideas or practise.
    If only,its defenders were doomed to live in the very societies they praise so highly how quickly they would fall silent.
    When I said that Mehdi is doomed I meant doomed by an Arabist media and establishment.
    We,millions of us,who have been silenced for fear of being called intolerant must shout out now against an ideology which celebrates intolerance and inflicts it on so many.Men like Mehdi Kazemi and all of us who celebrate our kind of loving.
    I will do anything to support Mehdi that is asked of me.

  3. Peter Davies

    If the UK is truly a civilised society, we must not allow Mehdi Kazemi to be sent back to his death simply for being born gay!

  4. James Seaborn

    We all must gather together and shout from the rooftops of homes and on the steps of our governmental buildings to stop the slaughter and torture of human beings who are born differently.

    Certainly no one would choose this life of condemnation. We must all protect those people who have no place to go who have sought out asylum and protection.

    Even one person is too many to lose. I do not know what to do but I will do whatever I can even if it is to only write to help save these souls. I am open to any suggestions. We must somehow band together and make our voices heard. Enough of this senseless slaughter and torture.

  5. Amanda Anderson

    What a horrific story. We in the UK must provide a safe haven for Mehdi Kazemi. He must not be deported to face almost certain death.

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