IRQO: Appeal for an Iranian Homosexual Refugee Seeking Asylum in Malaysia

Appeal for an Iranian homosexual refugee seeking asylum in Malaysia – Feb 19, 08

The following letter was sent to IRQO from an Iranian homosexual refugee seeking asylum in Malaysia. His name has been withheld and an alias used to protect his identity. He is in desperate need of funds to help him survive under unforgiving circumstances as he waits for his asylum application process to reach completion, at which point he may begin to legally work and take care of himself. IRQO hears of many such cases every day. Please read his appeal below and consider supporting IRQO so that we can support him and many others like him.
“My name is Sepehr [alias used]. I was born and raised in Iran, a country that kills people for falling in love. My government kills homosexuals by asserting we are an enemy of GOD. My president denies us even our existence as human beings when he claimed there are no homosexuals in Iran during his speech at Colombia University. If he can say there are no homosexuals in Iran, it is because we cannot show ourselves. We stay hidden because if we are visible they will lash us; they will hang us; they will kill us. I have had great difficulty in Iran and …”
Full story:


  1. Mark

    Why Malaysia? My understanding is that Malaysia is extremely intolerant of homosexuals. If I recall correctly, engaging in homosexual acts not amounting to sexual acts (for example, kissing or perhaps holding hands in a romantic manner) is a jailable offense in Malaysia. Homosexual sodomy is punishable by flogging and 20 years imprisonment.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

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