Iran: “Solana Must Intervene to Save the Lives of the Young Iranians in Danger of Being Hung”

By Every One Group

“The European Parliament (after a resolution put forward by the People’s Party, Socialists, Liberal Democrats and the moderate Right (UEN) and approved on January 31st ) has taken up the request to intervene presented by EveryOne Group in the petition : a clear condemnation of the executions, repression, ethnic and religious discrimination being carried out in Iran, “particularly since the presidential elections of June 2005 “Without progress in these areas”, warns the European Parliament – that expressed ‘deep concern’ – “it will not be possible to reach an agreement of cooperation with the European Union”. The EU Parliament asked the Iranian authorities to honour their international obligations in this matter, by guaranteeing all citizens their civil rights and political freedom, and stopping capital punishment, torture and executions – particularly those carried out against minors. On January 30th we received news that the Minister of Justice in Iran, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi (the EveryOne petition is also addressed to him) established through a decree that executions in Iran will no longer be carried out in public. The decree also foresees a ban on the publication of photos and the broadcasting of scenes of the executions. This is a clear symptom of the embarrassment the Iranian Government is feeling in the face of the indignation aroused in the international community, but it is also the demonstration that the majority of Iranians are against the horrors of capital punishment and stoning, and that only a few extremists consider torture and flogging admissible methods.

On February 4th, EveryOne submitted a request to Javier Solana, the EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, asking for Europe to take a further courageous step and ask Amadhinejad for Hamzeh and Loghman’s release. The Italian PSE (PES – Party of European Socialists) delegation has officially supported the request with an intervention from the European MP, Donata Gottardi, which we are publishing here.

Intervention by Donata Gottardi, European PES MP.

Yesterday EveryOne Group launched an appeal to Mr Javier Solana, the EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, to ask the Iranian President Amadhinejad for the immediate release of Hamzeh Chavi and Loghman Hamzehpour, the two young men of 18 and 19 arrested last January 23rd in Sardasht, Iranian Azerbaijan, and accused of “mohareb” (enemies of Allah) and “lavat” (sodomy), crimes punishable by hanging.

“We appreciated the report that Mr Solana presented to the European Parliament a few days ago on relations with Iran. As in the resolution we approved we firmly condemned the death sentences and executions, I ask Mr Solana to support EveryOne’s request, and ask the Iranian President to release the two boys.”

“If the Iranian President grants this request, Iran will give a fine signal of wishing to communicate with Europe and respect the resolution adopted by the United Nations for a moratorium on all executions. Sparing the lives of Hamzeh and Loghman could be the first step for doing away with all forms of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment that a country like Iran does not deserve to see as part of its legal system.”

Press Office – Andrea Ambrogetti

Italian Delegation – Pse (Pes) Group – European Parliament

tel 0032 2 284 2813

mob 0032 494 88 58 35


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