Iran: Two Young Men to Be Thrown off Cliff



Iran: Two young men to be thrown off cliff (punishment reserved to homosexuals)
Iran-Resist : The last flight of Tayab and Yazdan
2 january 08

“According to the daily Quds, two youths will be thrown into a precipice in the vicinity of the city of Shiraz. The sentencing of the two youths was confirmed on January 2 by the Supreme Court and the Regional Justice is preparing the execution.

Tayab and Yazdan will be enclosed in a bag before being thrown into the ravine at the top of a cliff. This unimaginable penalty is reserved for homosexuals according to the laws “full of love and light” of the Shariah. According to the Shariah, if both men survive this fall, they will be hanged…”


  1. Omar Kuddus

    But execution and such a barbaric execution, can it ever be justified?

    Unconfirmed reports coming from Iran suggest that two youths are facing brutal execution in the southern city of Shiraz, and regional justices are preparing the execution and if a person survives this execution, then he is hanged. The ages of the two to be executed are not given.
    Also included and charged in the same case were four others who are to receive 100 lashes each.
    The executions will be carried out by putting each youth in a sack and throwing them off the top of a cliff and into a ravine and this form of execution under Shariah law is normally reserved for those convicted of gay offences (lavat). But there is no mention of ‘lavat’ in the Quds report of this case.
    Iran’s shari’a-based penal code defines ‘lavat’ as penetrative and non-penetrative sexual acts between men. Penetrative sex carries the death penalty, while non-penetrative sexual acts carry lashes for the first three convictions and then death on the fourth.

    There are a lot of unanswered questions and whether this is another “gay case” or not, human rights groups, who are trying to get more information, should protest in the strongest possible manner.
    For how many more (Gay) Iranians are going to die and face barbaric torture and execution before the community in the west finally shows its protest and disgust at what is happening to fellow humans/ members of the community for their sexuality.

    Britain still sends gay asylum seekers back knowing full well the barbaric fate awaiting them in Iran.

  2. outsider222

    Oh…that sounds just like Bangor, Maine.

    Except in Bangor, they throw the gay men off bridges. And also – 2 men who killed this gay guy:

    …DID happen 2 get 2 years in jail before they were released.

    And in 2006 a gay man was murdered UNDER a bridge in Bangor, Maine. They were apparently too lazy to carry him to the top of the bridge, so they just doused him with gasoline and set him on fire.

    Funny, you can’t even Google that up anymore. t was swept under the rug, as is so much in that part of Maine (It was only a homeless gay guy, you know…)

    Before people start poo-poo-ing other countries, I think they ought to take a good look at what goes on right in their own nasty back yards.

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