Mehdi, Gay Iranian Teenager Is Facing Deportation From U.K.


LONDON, December 24, 2007, UK Gay News

A court in the Netherlands has ruled that Mehdi, the gay Iranian teenager, has to be returned to the United Kingdom, where he faces deportation back to Iran.
He fled England last spring when a Home Office tribunal dismissed his appeal against deportation.
“I was refused the right to appeal of asylum in the Netherlands because of the Dublin Treaty,” he said by telephone this afternoon.
The Dublin Treaty, or Convention, is a European Union law that prevents asylum applicants from applying in multiple members states.
“Obviously, I am very disappointed at judge’s decision.”
“My lawyer is making a final appeal to the Netherlands High Court,” he added.
Mehdi, who is 19, said that he was worried that the early decision from the court – the decision was expected to be handed down early in the New Year – meant that his deportation to the UK would be made over the holiday period.
“My main fear at the moment is that the UK Home Office would disregard appeals and send me back to Iran before any offices reopened after the holiday,” he said.
The young Iranian said he is frightened that he will be executed if he is return to Iran.
Before leaving Iran in 2004 to continue his education in England – he had a student visa issued by the UK authorities, Mehdi had a boyfriend. It was while he was in the UK, he learned that the Iranian authorities had arrested his boyfriend, who had given interrogators Mehdi’s name before being executed. (Click here for Mehdi’s full story)
One of the main reasons that Mehdi’s asylum appeal failed was because the tribunal “judge” found that dates on Iranian paperwork did not tally with what the teenager had said, his uncle, who lives in southern England, told UK Gay News.
The tribunal apparently refused to accept that the Iranian calendar is different from the Western (Gregorian) calendar.

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Don’t Leave Iranian Gays Abandoned. By Mehdi.
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  1. Omar Kuddus

    “Mehdi” (19 yrs old) has failed in the courts in Netherlands and is due to be returned to the UK, from where he is likely to be deported back to Iran. (

    The long holiday season in the UK means that an injunction may not be made in the High Court in London to prevent deportation until the court has heard an appeal, which, when in front of a real judge, Mehdi would more than certainly win, with light of recent events in Iran and the public disclosure of Iran’s policy on homosexuality to the British government.

    However the fear and threat is that the UK, HOBIA will take him off a flight from Amsterdam and put him on the next flight to Tehran.
    If this is happens over the holidays, then there is little chance of a lawyers getting an injunction.

    How many more young Iranians have to die before the British government takes action? It’s time that the gay community finally open our mouths and show our protests and disgust, and make ourselves heard that such barbaric behaviour is not acceptable.

    The Iranian Minister Mohsen Yahyavi (who is the highest-ranked politician to admit that Iran believes in the death penalty for homosexuality) told British MP’s at the Inter-Parliamentary Union in May this year, that homosexuals should be executed [he initially said tortured but changed it to executed].

    And Iran has again recently kept its word, with the execution of Makvan Mouloodzedeh, despite President Ahmadinejad, questioned by students in New York two months ago about the executions of homosexuals, claimed there were no gays in Iran.
    Britain regularly challenges Iran about its gay torture, hangings, stonings and executions for perceived moral criminals, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) papers show. Yet it still stands back and does nothing.
    Other than send failed asylum seekers back in the hope that they do not face a similar fate.

    Mehdi has had an unbelievably harrowing time since he left Iran to complete his education.While in England he learned that his boyfriend had been arrested and under torture (presumably) revealed Mehdi’s name to the authorities, who issued an arrest warrant for him.

    Then Mehdi learned that his former boyfriend had been executed for “being gay”, and all of this when Mehdi was at the tender age of 18.

    Britain refused him Asylum, because he could not “prove” that he was gay, and he escaped to Europe to save his own life.

    If you are able to, please express your thoughts to the British Embassy in your country, of fax Prime Minister Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street London, on +44 207 925 0918.
    Or email me and I shall forward it for you:

    I for one object, and despite the HOBIA intentions refuse to let Mehdi face a similar fate that all Iranian LGBTS have to date. Torture and Execution based on their sexuality.
    For it is only by chance and the roll of the dice that we are not born in Iran, that we here in the West are not in their shoes and facing the same persecution, torture, and death for our sexuality.
    Leicester, England

  2. Omar Kuddus

    I have just received this email from Mahdis Uncle.
    Please help and support this young man who has gone through hell and back and faces certain punishment if not worse ( most likely the death penalty) if he is returned to Iran, due to the barbaric regime and his well publicised case.

    I would appreciate any suggestions, and feel that a campaign is immediately mounted to draw attention to this matter and save the deportation of this young man.

    Please do not let another fellow Homosexual human being suffer just for his sexuality that we take for granted in the West.
    This case needs as much media and individual pressure as possible and your help and assistance is requested.
    Naturally I can provide lots of background information regarding his case and also via a googal search under my name/ gay/ mahdi

    Dear All,

    I had a call from Mehdi this morning 18/02/08 11.00 am UK time, He informed me that he is due to be deported to the UK on the 26th Feb 2008. from Schiphol ( Amsterdam Airport ) 8:00am local time to Heathrow ( London airport) i would imaging 8.30am local time.

    He is in a very depressive mood and they had to put him on a suicide watch.

    He is planning to go on hunger strike, he told me and I am extremely worried about him.

    Any suggestion please.

    Best regards

    Thanks for your support and concern , the last I’ve heard of him was 4pm 13/02/08 and he was held in a police station in Venlo Netherlands and was told will be moved to Rotterdam shortly.
    But as I was writing this e-mail he phoned and said he is in Rotterdam Airport detention centre and they are not telling him when he will be deported to the UK.
    He has no telephone number that can be contacted and can only wait for him to call.
    best regards
    Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 18:30:50 +0000
    Subject: Re: Seyed Mehdi Kazemi was arrested this morning.
    I am so sad to hear the news.
    Please tell me what we can do and exactly what is happening,
    I shall do whatever it takes to help as you know, and am already started working on a campaign,
    Yours sincerely
    Omar Kuddus

    Saeed wrote:
    Arsham, Saba,

    I’ve just had a call from Mehdi 8.00 am UK time to inform me that he was arrested and taken away by the Netherlands Authorities, I will inform you of any further development as soon as I get it.

    My mobile number is 0044…. in case you need to contact me direct.

    Mehdi’s Mobile in the Netherlands is 0031…. if he is allowed to us his mobile.
    best regards.
    Mehdi’s uncle.

  3. To whomever it might concern:

    I have followed this case closely. If Mr. Seyed Mehdi Kazemi or people that help him read this, and needs to relocate, I will be happy to host here in Denmark!
    Call it civil insubordination if you’d like, but denying him asylum is simply inhuman.

  4. dannymartin

    Please use my detail for my support for Mehdi in the UK. +44 7930 927 922

  5. Michael Hardy

    If I can help in anyway – 0207 370 4951. Mehdi MUST be granted asylum – and gay people here in London should be more aware of whats happening abroad.

    I have just visited Egypt and gay people are hassled there all the time. Saeed – well done for supporting your nephew.


  1. 1 Mehdi | Steven Milverton

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