Gambia: President Yahya Jammeh Affirms that Gay or Homosexualism is Unacceptable in this Country as Long as He Lives


Gambia’s President Praises Sharia, Slams Gays, Vanrozenheim, Gay Republic Daily
(Gambia) – President Yahya Jammeh has called on the Islamic Ummah to be steadfast, bold and united in the spirit of Islam to condemn any form of attack on the Islamic religion. The Gambian leader, said “if you call yourself a Muslim, and believe in the supremacy of the Almighty Allah, while labelling Sharia as a bad law, then you are bound to go to hell,” noting that Sharia law is the law of the Almighty God. According to him, Western kind of democracy will not be accepted in Gambia, noting that being Gay is unacceptable in this country as long as he lives.

Jammeh Calls for Islamic Solidarity, Ousman Darboe, The Daily Observer (Banjul)
“Jammeh then said the Muslim ummah is the richest in the world, but the poorest of the poor are found among the Muslims, because we worship the West and at the same time worship Allah, that’s why Allah is punishing us. He said “now the West are proclaiming for human rights, but as Muslims and religious leaders, who would go to the television and say his daugther will marry another one’s daughter, because this is the democracy the West wants to impose on us”.

According to him, that type of democracy will not be accepted here, noting that gay or homosexualism is unacceptable in this country as long as he lives.

“What Allah says in the Qur’an is very clear, which is man can marry woman, but not woman to a woman or man to man. Lesbianism will not be accepted in The Gambia, so their idea of democracy is unacceptable, unislamic and ungodly.

I know that Allah owns everything that is in this world and is only Allah, who can give us to develop this nation and it’s only him, who can deny us that. If we follow Allah, he will give us to develop as he is the one who gives and takes. We have seen that type of democracy coming into this country, but let me tell you that it will not be accepted. We have seen people drumming and dancing in the name of Islam, which is unaccetable”, he warned, adding that he will deal with such people to put a stop to it.”

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  1. Gary Stuart

    I am a frequent to The Gambia and I have to say that this man (Jammeh) is held in high contempt by both gay and straight people in the country and abroad. Gambians and the Gambian press are too frightened to say anything about him because of the very real danger of arrest, imprisonment and even death.He has also opened himself up to charges of hypocracy and ridicule since he has claimed to be able to cure H.I.V. and A.I.D.S, and has become a laughing stock worldwide. He presents a rather pathetic figure comparable to the worst despots and facists in history because of his absolute determination to rule his poverty stricken country with a fist of iron, while having the heart of a devil and hiding behind the skirts of Islam. If only he had the intelligence to spend his country’s meagre income on roads, infrastructure and health, he would be able to capitalise on the tourist industry which was once growing but is now in sad decline. Gambia and Gambians are quite wonderful people and it is a crying shame that they are subject to this mans irrational and ultimately irrelevant presidency. May he be booted out of office soon so that The Gambia can get it’s smile back and the people can elect a leader who is for them, not for himself. Gary Stuart – London

  2. Omar Kuddus

    The President of the West African Nation of Gambia has promised to “cut off their head” of any homosexual the government catches.
    Speaking in Talinding Kunajang he vowed to enact anti-gay laws “stricter than those in Iran” (which punishes sodomy with the death penalty) and said homosexuals should now leave Gambia now.
    Juammeh called homosexuality sinful and immoral, and said any hotel or lodging tolerating the presence of a homosexual would be closed down and the landlord punished.
    Current law punishes gay sex with up to 14 years in prison.

    However the British Home office guidelines regarding Gambia, updated in August 2007, has no mention of Homosexuality and guidelines on how to deal with Gay asylum seekers from Gambia.
    Thus further proving that the British Asylum process is not only antiquated out dated but reliant on incorrect information. Only seven countries have LGBT guidelines and none are recommended to be granted asylum solely on the basis on sexual orientation.

    When will Britain realise that not all countries are as liberal and adopt polices similar to those of its European allies and show the world that it has compassion and understanding of the plight of oppressed individuals fleeing persecution and thus put the Great back into its name.

    Equality belongs to everyone regardless of sexuality and by the mere fact that we were all born humans and our physical presence demands that we are all treated as such, with dignity and equality.

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