European Parliamentarians Attend the Patriarch Alexy II’s Illness


Russian Patriarch’s anti-gay comments condemned by European parliamentarians, International Herald Tribune

STRASBOURG, France: Former British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and several dozen other European parliamentarians protested Thursday comments by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church assailing homosexuals.

In an address to the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly earlier this week, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II branded homosexuality an “illness” and attacked what he called “homosexual propaganda” influencing young people.

The patriarch was invited by the Council of Europe as part of its regular debates with political and religious leaders.

But parliamentarians from all major political groups in the assembly said a dialogue between cultures and religions must be based on mutual respect and tolerance.

They pointed out that the patriarch had spoken out against gays and lesbians before and supported the banning of a gay parade in Moscow.

“We urge Patriarch Alexy to avoid the use of language inciting intolerance and to respect, rather than seek to deny, the fundamental rights of sexual minorities,” the lawmakers said in a petition.

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