Romania: Gigi Becali Wants to Ghettoize the Gay People if Elected President


Gigi Becali wants to isolate the gay people if elected president, Nine O’Clock, Sept 24, 2007

The Leader of PNG-CD, George Becali said on Saturday, at a conference in Arad, after a meeting with the local leaders of the party that, if he will be elected president of Romania, he wants to abolish all the gay clubs, sex shops and, perhaps, build special neighbourhoods for homosexuals, in order to isolate them. He said that his political target is to become the president of Romania, and one of his concerns is to dissolve all gay clubs, Mediafax informs. “If they want to commit sins, they should do it in their homes, but they should not boast with this. If they have mental issues, they will go to the priest, because I will liquidate all the clubs for homosexuals and lesbians, but also the sex shops that have appeared in every city”, Becali said. He thinks homosexuals would be better off in neighbourhoods designed especially for them. “I will build them neighbourhoods for homosexuals and lesbians, so that they stay there and leave us alone”, Becali said. Becali’s radical anti-gay discourse is well known. Nevertheless, Becali ranks on the second position after president Traian Basescu in the opinion polls. The Leader of PNG-CD also commented on his political ascension and his future: “At first, I was not accepted, then, I was ignored, now I am accepted and I will go on being praised. But it will happen only after I show what my skills, as President”, Becali said. On the other hand, Becali expressed great hopes for the Euro-Elections.

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