Welcome to the Sexual Revolution


Message from Queeruption List :

‘Dame Colet House’ Ben Jonson Rd. Stepney Green E1 3NH
22.00 – Very very late
A little bit more info to spur on all of your inquisitive minds…
Please come down and support!

The Next Queer Beograd Festival :
Welcome to the Sexual Revolution.
On the anniversary of the Serbian “Revolution” we hold our fourth QueerBeograd festival: our very own “Sexual Revolution”. On October 5, 6, 7th we gather for three days of queer politics, performances, parties, actions, picnicking and visibility. To see each other and celebrate our own sexy resistance, to energise ourselves and hear each other’s stories of the revolution we all make everyday.

Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW)
Every one of the hundreds of kilometres of the wall is hated and despised by the people on whose land it is built and who are imprisoned by it. Today, on the lands of the village of Surif, Palestinians internationals and Israelis demonstrated what this resentment means: At any moment any part of the hated wall might be dismantled when an opportunity arises.

“There’s also considerable cross-fertilization between groups ostensibly devoted to a specific issue. And oddly enough, Bar Tal reports, this has been fueled by their common opposition to Israel’s occupation of the erritories. At the first Gay Pride parade after the start of the intifada, for example, the gay and transsexual group Black Sheep marched under the slogan “There’s No Pride in the Occupation,” which was born of the conviction that “the same militaristic mindset that oppresses gays is also oppressing the Palestinian people,” says Bar Tal. The tent camp set up in the Palestinian village of Mashah, in April 2003, to protest the construction of the security barrier, also drew a variety of Israeli anarchist groups that sensitized each other to their focal causes – from gay rights to fair trade – during their five-month sojourn there. But in one sense, the intifada has also had a constraining effect on the development of the anarchist scene. Like its counterparts around the world, the Israeli Indymedia website was designed to be a source of “alternative” information on the full gamut of themes close to anarchist hearts. But, by chance, it went online four days before the outbreak of the intifada – and has been dominated by anti-occupation material ever since.”
From Awalls

And also : No border camp Gatwick, September 19-24, 2007.


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