A Condomeezza Ride Or Gayest Secretary Of State


Gayest Secretary Of State by Fear the Rapper

Rumors have been floating around about Condoleezza Rice’s sexuality for years. Her marriage status has driven many of the rumors and now a new book by Washington Post diplomatic correspondent Glenn Kessler has revealed some interesting information about her past living situation. It turns out that Condi owns a home with another woman. They also shared a line of credit together. I know what you’re thinking, “Who doesn’t share a line of credit and buy a home with a buddy?” You have a good point, false person I created.
Rice owns a home together with Randy Bean, a documentary filmmaker who once worked with Bill Moyers. Kessler made the discovery by looking through real estate records.
It’s easy to explain. Bean and Rice met while they were at Stanford together. Like most women, they bonded over football.
People ask how we became friends and I always say, ‘God and football. I could forgive Condi her politics because she loved football, and likewise she could forgive mine.
The two became best friends. At one point in Bean’s life, she amassed a large amount of medical bills and needed someone to help her rebuild her credit. Condi stepped up. Coit Blacker also aided them. He is an openly gay Stanford professor. So, it was a pretty typical situation with two unmarried, football loving women hooking up with a gay man to buy a house.
Later, Coit sold his share of the house to Condi and The Bean. Neither Condi or The Bean were married, it was just a couple of ladies owning a house together. Both remain unmarried to this day.
Kessler has no knowledge of a hot, sexual relationship between the women. He can only confirm that the two are friends. After Bush’s term is over Condi will return to Stanford, where Bean still works.
So, why does Condi’s sexuality matter? Because she works for an incredibly anti-gay administration.
Rice faced attacks from liberals in the gay community over the State Department’s reluctance to rebuke Iran for the hanging of gay teenagers. The gay rights lobby Human Rights Campaign called on Rice in 2005 to condemn Iran’s human rights abuses after the hanging of two gay teenagers, and to express indignation over “other horrific human rights abuses against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people across the globe.”

Rice did not !

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  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED

    If Rice says she’s one of us, we’ll just deny it…

    If writs of indictment come down from an International War Crimes Tribunal Rice, Powell, Gates, Rumsfield, Cheney and Bush will be first in line, followed by the ghosts of Von Ribbentrop, Keitel, Jodl, Goering and Himmler.

    655,000 dead Iraqi civilians and resistance fighters, victims of an oil piracy waged with virtually genocidal ferocity, DEMAND IT. The dead and maimed GIs getting mauled daily DEMAND IT. They died at the bloody hands of mass murderers and many more will die before it’s over.

    We don’t want to be polluted by association with their killers.

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