Bulgarian Gay Org Wants Homosexuality Included in School Books


Many of the learning books used in Bulgaria’s high schools instil intolerance towards homosexuality into students, representatives of the Bulgarian gay organization Gemini said Friday.
Their statement is based on a thorough analysis of the textbooks used in schools. The organization is now preparing a list of recommendations for the Education Ministry, suggesting that homosexual topics should appear on the pages of the philosophy and psychology textbooks. Bulgarian students read with huge interest about the love relationships of the poet Peyo Yavorov with his lover Mina and his wife Laura, but for some reason the books keep silent on the homosexual affairs of Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Hans Christian Andersen and Federico Garcia Lorca, the CEO of Gemini Aksinia Gencheva said. The students would not understand Yavorov’s works and personality if they were not acquainted with his heterosexual love to the two women and the same applies to the gay authors, Gencheva believes. The homosexual experience of Lord Byron, Shakespeare or Sigmund Freud is omitted on purpose in the books as it is seen as immoral, twisted and scandalous, according to Gencheva. The psychology learning book used in schools represents love in its heterosexual aspect only and not a word is mention for its homosexual side, breeding an impression into students that there is no such this as being gay or lesbian and such people do not exist. Gemini are set to make the Ministry and the teachers understand that the omission of homosexuality as a human relations phenomenon is discrimination.

Sofia News Agency, novinite.com
Gemini Bulgarian Gay Organization



    how can we deal with the aspects of homosexuality in uganda

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