Jasmin Tabatabai Fights Against the Deportation of Yasmin K.


Jasmin Tabatabai fights against the deportation of “Yasmin K.”

Jasmin Tabatabai is committed to avoid the deportation of a lesbian Iranian woman who lives in Berlin and is well-known in public under the pseudonym “Yasmin K.”.

According to the newspaper BZ Berlin, the 31 year old woman is threatened with deportation because of illegal residence in Germany. Two years ago, Yasmin K. escaped from Iran to Germany, as she had to reckon with the death penalty in her home country because of her sexual orientation. According to her lawyer, Yasmin K. was condemned in her absence to death by stoning in 2006 by a Iranian court of law. So her motives to escape are the same as Jasmin Tabatabai’s in her role as “Fariba” in the award winning feature film “Unveiled” (2005).

The Berlin minister of the interior, Ehrhart Körting, has hitherto declined to suspend Yasmin K.’s deportation – he has doubts about the homosexuality of the woman. However, “her deportation would be a scandal”, said Jasmin Tabatabai to the BZ Berlin.

Next Thursday, 6 September 2007, a protest rally will take place (Klosterstraße 47, 10179 Berlin) from 1.30 pm, in front of the office of the Berlin minister of the interior, where Jasmin Tabatabai will possibly be present.

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